Xiang Fei Mikan (Honey Tangerine)
Xiang Fei Mikan (Honey Tangerine)
Xiang Fei Mikan (Honey Tangerine)
Xiang Fei Mikan (Honey Tangerine)
Xiang Fei Mikan (Honey Tangerine)
Xiang Fei Mikan (Honey Tangerine)


Xiang Fei Mikan (Honey Tangerine)

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Mikan, also known as Satsuma mandarin, is a citrus fruit known for its loose, easily peelable skin, sweet flavor, and nearly seedless nature. It has several specialties and characteristics that make it unique:

Sweet Flavour: Mikan is prized for its sweet and mild flavor. The taste is often less acidic than other citrus fruits, making it a popular choice for those who prefer a sweeter citrus experience.

Easy to Peel: One of the notable features of Mikan is its loose, easily removable skin. The segments can be separated with minimal effort, making it a convenient and snackable fruit.

Texture: Many Mikan varieties have very few seeds, enhancing the overall eating experience.

Juiciness: Mikan is known for its juiciness, adding to its refreshing quality. The juicy segments make it a popular choice for fresh consumption and for extracting juice.

Rich in Vitamin C: Like other citrus fruits, Mikan is a good source of vitamin C, an antioxidant that supports the immune system and overall health.

Seasonal Availability: Mikan is typically in season during the winter months, making it a popular fruit during the colder seasons.

- 35cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 13cm (H) +-

- Grade: 1
- Size: 75
- Count: 28 pcs (2 layers, 14 pcs each layer)
- Weight: 5000g +- (including packaging)

Please keep refrigerated for freshness. Best to serve chilled.