Pearl Medley
Pearl Medley
Pearl Medley
Pearl Medley
Pearl Medley
Pearl Medley
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Pearl Medley


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Elevate your thoughtful gestures with our Pearl Medley—a small and charming fruit basket designed for those moments when care is needed most. It's a sweet expression of care in a compact form. Ideal for those times when an urgent, heartfelt gesture is needed, this small and cute fruit basket conveys thoughtfulness without overwhelming the moment. Share the sweetness of care with the Pearl Medley—a meaningful gift that speaks volumes in simplicity. Show your thoughtfulness and let the delicate beauty of pears convey your warmest regards. Inside, discover a carefully selected medley of 5 exquisite pear varieties. 

- 29cm (L) x 26cm (H) x 21cm (W) +-

- Light Amber Floral Deco
- 5 types of pears

- Packham Pear x 2
- Forella x 2
- Korean Singo Pear x 1
- Century Pear x 1
- Golden Pear x 1